Christmas Tree Fundraiser

Christmas Tree Fundraising Opportunities

Christmas Tree Fundraiser With Christmas Trees Sell premium Christmas trees and wreaths for your next Christmas fundraising project. Christmas Trees Worldwide will provide your organization info on where to purchase all the necessary lighting, banners and display equipment you will need to set up a retail stand.

Additionally we are glad to provide advice on the size of trees to purchase, what help you will need, best hours to operate and the proper way to display your Christmas trees so that your organization will sell the maximum amount from your location. Full financing on the Christmas trees is also available to Dec 20th. Your organization would need to send us a deposit equal to the total freight cost to have the trees delivered.

Attention Massachusetts high schools: Did you know can raise thousands of dollars in a couple of days of work selling Christmas Trees, all without putting up a retail stand and right from your school parking lot? Our team has been working with High Schools and their departments selling fresh cut Christmas trees for the holiday season to sponsor school activities, programs, events, awards or scholarships.

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